This is Hummingbird.




Hummingbird is a three oscillator, 20HP Eurorack module that has a recognizable front panel layout with  some familiar control features.


Hummingbird allows the creation of a Warm "FAT" sound that normally is not associated with a digital oscillator module.


There are three oscillator CV inputs for 1v/octave sources.  All three oscillators can be controlled from a single CV input, or each one can be controlled separately.  There is also a modulation CV input with a variable gain control.  The modulation input always controls all three oscillators and can (via a toggle switch) either control the pitch of all 3 oscillators or can vary the waveform selection of all 3 oscillators.


Each oscillator has an octave adjust control which gives a range from two octaves below to two octaves above the control voltage input.  Oscillators two and three also have a variable pitch adjustment with a range from 5 semitones down to 7 semitones up from the control voltage input, continuously variable with a clean "unison" center adjustment range to allow a quick return to "no pitch offset".


All three oscillators have a waveform adjustment control that allows selecting from triangle, to ramp (sawtooth), to square, to narrow pulse.  The transition between waveforms is continuous to allow an almost infinite pallet of output waveforms.


Each oscillator has a separate output jack to allow for multiple routing destinations.  Oscillator 1 has an additional "Sub" output which is a square wave one octave below Osc1's basic pitch.  Also provided is a single "summed" oscillator output jack.  This summed output always mixes equal amounts of Osc 1, 2 and 3 along with an adjustable amount of the Osc 1 Sub output.


Osc3 has a new feature that allows it to drop into an LFO range of ~0.1 Hz to ~100 Hz.  To enable the LFO, the Osc3 octave switch is turned fully to the left (CCW) so that it points "down" (past the -2 octave setting).  When the LFO mode is selected, the output of Osc3 is removed from the "summed" output and also has its CV and modulation inputs disabled.  The "Pitch" control then adjusts the LFO frequency.


Osc3 as an LFO can be patched into the Hummingbird's modulation CV input so that Osc1 and Osc2 can be modulated by Osc3 acting as an LFO.



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